Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabric Rosettes Are In!

Okay, so I have been DYING to try to make these little guys! I have seen them all over Pinterest and at the hospital (who would have thunk?), and every time I see them I think OMG I HAVE TO MAKE THOSE!

So here goes my tutorial for fabric rosettes! Once you make one, you can make a million! Also, the way you make them makes each one unique. AND they take like 5 minutes... seriously! Use these little boogers to spice up a shirt, a purse, a headband, etc. and you are stylin' and profilin'! I don't know fashion, but I do know that these rosettes are totally in!

Tutorial for Fabric Rosettes 

OMG so cute, right?

The best part about this project is that you only need so many supplies. All that I used was some fabric, scissors, a measuring tape, and a hot glue gun. You can use any type of fabric you like. I have even heard of people using old T-Shirts and things to make them! Also, if you are going to attach this rosette to something you are going to put through the washing machine, I would consider buying and using fabric glue instead of the hot glue gun.

Step 1: Cut a strip off of your piece of fabric. The wider and longer the strip, the bigger the rosette, the skinnier and shorter the strip, the smaller (I know kinda obvious).
I made my first rosette that you see pictured up top about 1.5" wide and about 25" long.

Step 2: At one end of the strip, tie a knot. Try to tie it so that the short end is hidden by the big knot. Don't let it poke out too far! Leave the knot a little loose to give it some added character. This knot is going to be the center of your rosette.

Step 3: Keeping your fabric down on a flat surface, start wrapping your leftover fabric around this knot. You can twist the fabric as you wrap it around the knot. Play around with it at first to see what you like. How loose or tight you twist your fabric will effect what your rosette looks like. While you are doing this, make sure that you keep your rosette on a flat surface so that every layer of the rosette wraps nice and snug around the previous layer. Also when you are twisting, think about how much you want the backside of your fabric to show. Twist and wrap this sucker till you leave enough of a tail to use to cover the back of your rosette.

Step 4: Make your rosette as large or small as you like, just make sure you leave your tail to cover the back of the rosette. Flip the rosette over, making sure you hold it together tightly. Take your hot glue gun and lather the back of the rosette up. Press and hold that tail to the back until the glue is dry. Pull off all the little strings from the glue. Here are photos from the backside at this point and from the front.

From the back just after you are done gluing:

From the front:

Step 5: Cut off the excess tail so that you cannot see it when you look at the front of your rosette.

And now you have your first rosette! :)

Enjoy and start decorating with your rosettes! If you have any questions let me know!

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