Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yes. My new goal in life is to become some what of a fashionista. I have never been interested in fashion. Well, I have always wanted to wear cute clothes, but I never have had a knack for picking them out or spending the time/money (mainly the money) to buy them and/or keep up with the latest trends. My main problem is that I cannot seem to gravitate at all towards fashionable clothes due to some unknown cause. I am fairly conservative/modest, which has always caused me to either look like I am 50 years old or like I am 12. My best friend even told me once (I clearly remember this so don't try to say you didn't) that I need to stop dressing like an old lady. Basically, I am a fashionignoramous.Yep, I said it.

So, one day quite recently I decided I was going to change this about myself. I don't want to spend enormous amounts of money on clothing, but I am willing to put up a substantial amount of money in small increments to get a basic wardrobe started.
You know, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly style (love that show and them, of course!).
Although I want to change everything about my personal style and my closet, my main problem is found in the beginning of the quest... what is fashion/style and where do you find it?

First stop. Pinterest.

I have basically been spending my free time scouring the Women's Fashion section on Pinterest and looking through every fashionable friends' "style" boards to try to answer this simple question. I have found a lot of fashionable things. The more I look through pictures, the more I feel like I know my own personal style. It has been really helpful in figuring out what I actually like and what grabs my attention at first glance.

This has brought me to my next question (which I am still trying to answer)... where do stylish people shop? Not only stylish people, but stylish people who wear my age appropriate clothing?

This question still boggles my mind. I cannot seem to figure this out.

One thing that has helped me answer this question, is a certain blog I have started reading recently. This certain blog is written by a girl who writes about food, fitness, and of course, her style. She takes pictures of herself, posts the pictures, and then says where each piece of her outfits were bought. This has helped me figure out (at least a little) where some people shop.

One of the places that this girl shops is a certain online boutique called RueLaLa. At RueLaLa, you sign up to become a member, and then you have free access to look through their deals of the day. Basically, it is discounted high end clothing. Some things are reasonable, some things are moderately expensive, and some things are incredibly expensive. Although most things I would not or could not afford, I did purchase something....

I am sorry for two reasons... 1.) I cannot tell you what I bought and 2.) It was not for myself to help my wardrobe. However, it has helped me to see that buying clothes and things online is posible and can lead to a positive outcome without any trouble.

All this to say, I am working on my style and trying to figure this whole thing out. I would appreciate any tips or tricks from anyone with any sense of style. I personally need it greatly.

Hope everyone had a great, relaxing weekend! Happy Sunday! :)


  1. I am a fashion ignoramous too!!!! Post the link to the fashion blog you've been visiting please! :) you can always try high end consignment stores, too- the kind that are picky about what they take in. It won't be the "latest" fashion but you can always find good pieces of clothing, gently used, at a great price.

    1. Kathryn, if you send me your email address I will send you an invite! Consignment stores are a good idea! I had never thought about that!