Friday, March 9, 2012

Destiny Day

Okay.... so I haven't made my stuffed bell peppers like I have been wanting (and craving!) to do on here with my few days off. I have had a little bit of a speed bump along the way, but this speed bump is awesome... and beautiful!

Remember {this post} about how we are re-doing our floors? We are putting in laminate flooring in our family room, formal dining room, foyer, hallways, and our dinette area. We decided we didn't want to risk ruining the floor by laying it in the kitchen (laminate flooring and water are enemies). So we have been sort of looking at alternative flooring for the kitchen area. We were thinking about ceramic tile. I am not the biggest fan of ceramic tile, only because it is a little boring. I like to spice my life up a little bit and have something a little different! 

So anyways.... yesterday was Destiny Day! 

Yesterday I went to the Habitat Store (thrift store but also has construction supplies, proceeds for Habitat for Humanity) to try to find a fridge for my husband. Unfortunately, there was no fridge to be had there. However, I did find these beautiful slate tiles!

Aren't they beautiful?!?!?!?!?

There is more than enough tiles to lay them in the kitchen! I didn't know how it would look against the laminate flooring or the cabinets. I basically bought them knowing I could use them anywhere (bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, outside). I got such a great deal on them AND the proceeds went to a great cause! I actually met a volunteer there who was just selected to be one of the recipients of a new house. She was so joyful and tearful telling me her story! She even thanked me for helping give her a new house. How amazing! I am glad my money went to something worthwhile instead of making a big box store get bigger!

Check out your local Habitat for Humanity store and support a great cause! Just google it and I am sure there is one near you! You may just find something that you were looking for!

Can't wait to start laying this beautiful floor down!

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