Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Very Merry (Un)Birthday

After you meet me, it doesn't take very long for you to realize that I am probably the cheapest person alive. I am always the person who goes straight to the back of every store I enter and go directly to the clearance section. Yep, I am that person. I also find worth in myself (sorry we are going so deep, here) for how good of a deal I can get on anything. I am just that way. I am my father's daughter. Growing up, all I heard from him was about pinching pennies and saving every dollar you earn. Now, it haunts me every time I buy anything! This practice includes when I am given any money.

Well, I am starting to recover somewhat from the practices my father has taught me. Not that saving money is a bad thing, but when you feel guilty for buying something (and this is anything, needed or not needed), it is not very healthy. I have always had more expensive tastes (thanks to you, Mom!), but I have never been able to fork out the cash to really get what I want. However, I just got a big ol' box in the mail that even my mama will be proud of! (Sorry the picture quality is not the greatest. My excitement made the pictures a little crappy!)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have been doing some internet shopping! I still had Birthday money piled up in my secret stash place (only I know, hehe) and I decided that I wanted to buy a nice pair of riding boots. My search started last fall when riding boots became the "thing." I ended up going to DSW with some coupons and buying a pair of suede knee high boots that I liked better than the riding boots at the store. The sales girl told me that "even Fergie had a pair of boots like that," so I shouldn't doubt my decision to get the suede boots instead of the leather ones. I love the boots that I bought last year, but I was still itching for a pair of boots that smelled and felt like butter (that's what my mom and I call anything that's real leather, which I never buy because it's too expensive). I stopped looking after the cold months were over, plus I didn't want to throw down more cash for another pair of boots.

After it became cold again this year (thanks to the trip to Maine and Frankenstorm), I began to search again for some boots. I fell upon some Etienne Aigner boots on Amazon that I loved. They were two-toned and had a large crest at the top of the boot, uber regal and beautiful. I showed them to my husband, who absolutely hated them, and then it became a game to see how many people liked or disliked the boots that I liked. Comments about the boots were: "oh, those are... different," "very...unique," or no comment at all while the person being questioned would try to come up with something to say other than they were just plain ugly. Much to my husband's delight, I decided these boots were probably not the best boots to buy, not because people thought they were ugly, but because I was worried that with my big calves, the leather would separate from the zipper. I have had a lot of boots that have done this in the past because I am too cheap to buy nice shoes. I didn't want that to be the case again. I decided to keep looking.

I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of boots by Frye. Now for those of you who don't know who Frye is, Frye is one of the oldest shoemakers in the U.S. They produce the most beautiful boots, mostly cowboy/girl boots. I only know of them from riding horses and wanting a pair of riding boots so bad. They are high quality shoemakers, which is usually why their shoes are so stinkin' expensive. Most pairs of their boots run over $300. However, I found this pair on Amazon that, combined with the price and a coupon from Amazon, I could actually afford (somewhat). My husband had to be the one to hit the BUY button, because my cheap self just couldn't do it. I was also nervous about buying shoes from an online retailer, because you don't actually see/feel/smell/try on the shoe before you buy it.

I just got the box today, and I am so excited to reveal them and tell you that THEY FIT!! I loved the idea of these boots. Sexy and versatile... that is what everyone said in the reviews. I think they were right!

When I opened the box, I knew I would love these boots. The smell of the leather was unbelievable! They feel like distressed butter (yummo). I saw how big the shoe was and I knew they would fit well! I went and put on some leggings and threw those puppies on to see how they looked!
These boots are considered "over-the-knee," which I love. Several websites listed ways you can wear the boots. These are the ways...

Pulled up over the knee.

Folded down. Looks like pirate boots to me!


All that to say, I love them and I am so glad they actually fit! So excited to wear them! I will not be so hesitant to shop online in the future. This picture pretty much sums it all up!

Happy (un)Birthday to me! :)

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  1. Juju, you finally came to the realization, at least subconsciously, that to bring all this to fruition, you must act while the Democrats are still in office. You know, as well as I, that horses could be made into dog food if and when the Republicans take over. Glad that you have some really nice riding boots!