Monday, November 19, 2012

It's All About Whatchya Know

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Not only because of the crazy, messy life that I live, but also with the knowledge I have gained. When I haven't been studying like crazy for my test that was this past week or working or cleaning or whatever else makes me so busy, I have been looking at fashion stuff like crazy! I have become a fashion sponge. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use my knowledge per say, but I have gotten a few items since this whole "walk about" began. 

One thing that I did buy was right up my alley. 

Not only was this item good quality, it was name brand, and it was CHEAP (and the crowd goes wild!!). I would not have known this brand from Adam a few short weeks ago, but as I was strolling along in SAMS CLUB (SAMS CLUB people, can you believe it?!) I happened to notice a certain sign above some clothing items that read 7 for all mankind.

I totally did a double take.

I had just seen these exact same jeans on RueLaLa the week before selling for over $100! 

I feverishly dug through the pile, only to find out that they are sized like those fancy clothes that I don't buy. I have no idea what size I am in the 20's-30's! I only know those low number sizes that I can afford!

I held up several pairs up to me to try to pick out what would fit. Then I realized I didn't know how much they were. I looked up and read all the signs and saw that they were..... $30!!!!!!!!

I am sorry for my enthusiasm, but that is MY kind of price and I can't help it!

I picked out what I thought would fit (since there are no fitting rooms at Sam's and you can't take merchandise into the loo), and took it straight to the cash register.

I now have to apologize for such a good story. Unfortunately I got them home and guess what... they didn't fit! :(

I am going to take them back in the next few days and exchange them, but what a deal, right?!

Check out your local Sam's Club. You never know what you will find. Thanks to all my Pinteresting and internet shopping, I CAN have my cake (fashion) and eat it too (cheap!!)!!!!!

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