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OKAY! After this one, I will not post about another book until I do something else with my life! Trust me! I hear you screaming!

I just have to tell you, I am SUPER pumped about doing a review for this(ese) particular book(s). 

In May, I stumbled upon this book on Amazon (best way to find a book these days, right?) with a no-name author, with decent reviews, and a more than decent price (99 cent, baby!).

I thought, "what the hay, I will try that for close to free!" In hindsight, I am so glad I put my faith in the reviewers on Amazon!

I read the first novel to be published by a girl who I am now very fond of. 

Introducing... A.R. Ivanovich.

Weird name, right? Partially why I was intrigued to read this highly acclaimed (per Amazon reviewers) book. 

First book... Haven.

Genre... Steampunk.   <----------- google'd it for ya!

What tha hell?

Yep. Steampunk. I had to google it too. And read the Wikipedia page.

Essentially, I would summarize so-called "steampunk" genre as modern-day Sherlock Holmes meets Bellatrix Lestrange.

No matter how you look at it, who wouldn't love a genre where the Victorian era meets Wild, Wild West? Give me leather, metal, big hair, and steam. Lots and lots of steam.

Now that you get the genre, let's get back to the book.

So, yes! Haven is the story of a young girl named Katelyn Kestrel, who is a citizen of a small place called Haven. Haven is basically a utopia. The weather is perfect, the people are perfect, life is perfect. Born on the idea of a teacher, Katelyn goes on a quest to find a way out of Haven (no one ever leaves or visits). No spoilers here, but I will tell you, Ivanovich's made-up world is fantastic! Her descriptions are beautifully prosed. I have not read a better book with those kinds of brilliantly described places in a looooong time! I will say that her dialogue could use some work (it is a bit corny at times and sometimes robotic), but her imagination is brilliant! The characters are lovable, even those that deceive the readers (plot twists!). I really enjoyed reading this book. 

The best part about finishing Haven was that I didn't have to wait too terribly long before I could read the sequel.

The sequel... Dragoon.

Once again, Ivanovich delivered! I would say it had the same pros and cons as the first book, but maybe by the end of the series her dialogue will have improved. 

As for Ivanovich, I would say she has started off nicely, with a great career of writing ahead of her. Check her out sometime! You will not be upset you did!

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