Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Swear This Isn't Product Placement

Ever get tired of using those same old knives? How is it that when you bought them they were gloriously sharp and now they can't even break the skin of a tomato? Look no further! I have the solution!

Meet the knife sharpener!

My husband found this baby on Amazon for a small price, but let me tell you... so far the results have been OUTSTANDING! I feel like I am using someone else's knives. It is THAT good!

I definitely recommend this product for those of you who are struggling with your knives and are thinking about getting new ones for Christmas. Instead, order this puppy and have a set of "brand new" knives for less than thirty bucks... yes you heard me right... <$30!!! Beats buying hundreds of dollars worth of new knives that will also go dull in a few years.

And no this is not product placement... just a good product.

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