Monday, July 30, 2012

My Day (more like morning) Trip

Yes. I am procrastinating cleaning.

When my husband and I started to get to know each other, we had this one conversation that I will never forget...

Daniel: yeah my dad has a plane.
Me: um, like a real airplane...????
Daniel: yeah my dad has a plane.
Me: you mean he has a real airplane?!??
Daniel: yeah. he has a plane.
Me: like one that flies in the sky and real people fly in it...???
Daniel: yep he HAS a plane!
Me: stunned in silence

Way back when, I thought that only the rich and the famous had their own airplanes. When I found out his dad had one, I just could not believe it. Regular people that I know have airplanes?? What?! Made no sense to me. Now that I really know his airplane, and the fact that he built it with his own bare hands from the ground up, it is even more unbelievable. I have never seen such incredible knowledge and handiwork in my whole life. So, he has been building this airplane for 7 years. He just had his maiden voyage within the last year. It was a great day when that plane flew to say the least.

Anyways, since the plane has been done, my father in-law has been wanting to take me on a day trip. After discussing the local options we decided on Destin. On Thursday he called while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go Friday morning. Thursday night we decided to do it! It was strange driving to the regional airport the next morning, knowing that I would get in this tiny plane and within a little more than one hour be on the beach. Craziness. Just plain craziness.

We got to Destin in about an hour and 15 minutes. We used what's called a "crew car" to get ourselves to the beach (cars sitting at regional airports waiting on people coming in to use for free). We went to the public beach behind The Back Porch (famous restaurant in Destin). We swam around, flew some kites, swam around some more, watched the airplanes come in over our heads, watched the military planes practice (right by the Air force base), and then we got hungry. We walked up the stairs and into The Back Porch. We got seafood gumbo, raw oysters (my first ever), and then I had a blackened grouper sandwich with fries and the best coleslaw I had ever eaten. It was pretty fabulous. After we stuffed ourselves we went back to the airport and came home. It took us less than an hour to get home!

All that to say it was a wonderful little trip! Here are some pictures!!

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