Monday, January 6, 2014

Alert the Media

Well... it's been awhile...

I have been wanting to come and write for so long, but life has been a whirlwind. More than usual. Let's just get it over with. I have some news. BIG news. Alert the media!!

We are expecting. :)

Sorry. You are the last to know if you just found out. We have been telling people VERY slowly (since neither of us have Facebook), and it has been quite a project to try to call everyone we know and tell them. Especially since my hubby isn't big on being on the phone and I am terrible about picking up my phone for any reason.

But YES! We are having a BABY, folks! 

Our bundle of joy is arriving in May, well maybe. You know how babies are. However, according to modern medicine little Baby B is expected to arrive at the end of May! 

Boy or girl, you ask?

We find out in TWO days!! 

So I will get back to you about that. 

And we are STOKED! We cannot wait to see if little baby is a boy or girl. It has been so hard to think about putting together a nursery or any of that without knowing if the baby is male or female. So maybe I will become super inspired once we know for sure. Or mostly for sure. I know mistakes can be made.

I know what you are going to want next... belly pics! I know, I know. I have been terrible about taking these (especially internet appropriate ones)! My best friend last commented "why are all your belly pictures in your underwear in a dressing room at a store?!?!" My answer is that dressing rooms are the best places to take body photos, period. AND you seem to always be close to being naked while you are in them, right? So yeah, I will have to take a good belly bump photo and post it soon. And yes, there is definitely a belly there! 

I just wanted to clue you in on why I have been so absent. I will post soon about the boy versus girl dilemma occurring on Wednesday. :)


  1. Best. Post. Ever. LOVE MY BABY B ALREADY!!

  2. Ahhh Julianne!!! Congrats! I tried to find you on FB, but alas, you weren't there! So SO thrilled for you three! What an adventure! Hope you're feeling amazing :-)

  3. Thanks Kristen! We are super excited, as I am sure you can very much relate to. The first trimester was kinda icky, but so far the second has been the complete opposite. Hope you are feeling good as well! :)