Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Jillian


Scary right? If you don't know who this is, where have you been the past decade?! 

My friends, this is the scariest face on T.V.

You know why?

'Cause she wants to kick your @$$!

And I have willingly (and probably regretfully) invited this woman into my home.

She was my New Year's Eve present to myself.

I have been wanting to buy a good workout video to do during the cold winter days (not months in GA) when it is absolutely no fun to run. I got a glimpse of the cover of one of her videos while in Wal-mart and decided to do a little research via Amazon. I found her "30 Day Shred" video and her "No More Trouble Zones" video to have the best reviews. I really wanted to work out right at that moment (gotta do it when you are feeling it) so I got a great idea -  Amazon Prime Instant Video, people!

Turns out, you can purchase the three workouts featured on the "30 Day Shred" video separately. They are $1.99 per workout and you can buy them whenever you want. I decided to go ahead and buy the first workout and do it, and if I hated it then I wouldn't have to waste another $4 (told you I was cheap).

Turns out, it is pretty awesome. The first workout is composed of 3 rounds of 3 different intervals, one being for weight training, one for cardio, and the last one for abs. Today was my second day doing it, and boy am I sweaty (I am using this post as a cool down while I drink some water!)!

Get motivated for this year!

It's twenty-thirteen, baby!

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  1. Get it giiiirl. I've tried her yoga and a small part of me died inside. Too. Hard.