Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just an Update

Just thought I would drop a line and say hi. I doubt I am saying hi to anyone but myself, but I thought I would put forth some effort. I have been crazy busy with work and with school, leaving me NO time for the things I would actually like to do. I can't complain... I signed up for this, but it has been hard... really hard. I am not the type that works and works without stopping. I am just sucking it up or sticking it out or whatever you want to call it. For now at least. I am pretty sure I am just typing nonsense in an effort to not open my textbook and read my 7th chapter for the day. I just needed to do something besides study for today. Hope you guys are living it up, crafting it up, playing it up, or something that is fun.

Just a side note, I found a few new singers that I really like! They are pretty much light-hearted, roll the windows down, and let it all go kind of singers (hope you know what I mean). The first one I found is Rachel Platten. I found her because she sings the opening tune to one show that I used to watch on Netflix called "Jane by Design." Unfortunately, the show didn't come back for a second season (much to my dismay since I watched the whole first season not knowing this), but the song is awesome! I looked up the rest of what she sings and it is pretty good! I think I am going to buy her CD on Amazon.
The other singer that I found is Mindy Gledhill. I just found her by clicking through related artists on Spotify. Her voice is just dreamy and creamy! Songs are really great, too! I think I will get her MP3's on Amazon, even though I want the real CD because the CD cover photo is awesome!


Maybe sometime soon I will post something worthy of reading, but for now I am just going to have to stick with a short and sweet post.

Hope you guys have a good night!

P.S. I hope you like the new design. I am not 100% happy with it, but it will get there one day. :)

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