Friday, February 15, 2013


Happy late Valentine's Day to everyone! 

I hope everyone celebrated with someone that you love, regardless of whether that person is someone you are in a romantic relationship with. I believe love can be found in all relationships, not just romantic ones.

My Valentine's Day started out just like any other day. 
Woke up, got dressed, dropped off the dog for someone else to take her to doggie day care (thanks mom!), and went to work. 
I was excited about those long 12 hours to be over with, not only because then I could go home, but because I was going home to finally be with my husband. He has been traveling like a crazy person for work, and he was getting back from his trip during the day. Distance always makes the heart grow fonder, for sure! I didn't even care it was Valentine's Day, I just wanted to see him.
We had actually told each other early in the week that we weren't even going to celebrate this year, and just go out for dinner later in the weekend sometime.
I left work somewhat on time (unusual) and raced home to see him.
When I got home, the smell of yummy food was in the air as soon as I walked in. He was cooking me a homemade meal (2nd time in a week by the way) that he had worked so hard to prepare. From being lost and confused at the grocery store to slaving over the stove, he had worked hard.
I went and took a quick shower to get all those germs off me (ew!) while he finished preparing the meal. He made a Pad Thai dish along with some homemade egg drop soup. The meal was delicious.
Before we ate he told me to read a small, folded note that was placed neatly in front of my place setting. It was so sweet it made me want to cry.
Then at the end was a P.S. - that I had a present.
He said it's sitting next to you in the chair.
Confused and upset that I didn't have a gift for him, I reached down and lifted a heavy box off the chair and onto the table. A knife had been carefully and thoughtfully placed next to me so I could open my gift. I slid the knife through the tape and down the side of the box. Then I slowly opened the side of the box and these are the words I saw written on the side of another box...

MacBook Air

I don't even know what I said. 

I was so surprised and so taken aback by such an extravagant gift that I started to cry. My husband started to explain that he thought that I needed it for school and that now I would be able to do my virtual studies even more virtually - not from the desk in the office, but anywhere I wanted to be.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is my first "virtual" post from the comfort of my bed! :)

Still can't believe I own one of these things.

Now I can truly become an occasional blogger - or at least that is what my husband said. Haha!

P.S. I am going to go do some school work so I can go to IKEA tomorrow. I have found what I have been searching for on IKEA's website and I hope to find it at the store and bring it home with me so that I can finish my curtains. 
DIY to come (hopefully sooner rather than later!). 

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